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You’ve not uploaded anything for nearly two years. Motion conversions aside, you’ve not created anything new in nearly four years. With ever increasing competition from more items, and newer items… I don’t think there’s anywhere for your sales to go but down.

Are you not planning to make new items? It’s apparent you know what you’re doing when it comes to AE and Motion, and a few decent new items could make you an extra couple of grand a month, based on the sales figures from your Photo Gallery item.


Yes, I agree. So far I’ve had all my busy hours but I’m working on a new project. But when I talk about sales downturn, I speak in comparison to previous days … Anyway, this market I am passionate about, that is why I am working on a new project to have soon. I hope to have more time from now … Luck guys !!! :wink:


Yeah… sales are pretty slow this week. Maybe its easter influence?


No, man - I think christmas…:joy:


I can’t believe :slight_smile: Man i’m working 24/7 for Videohive and Audiojungle. How did you manage to drive sales for 2 years without working?
Btw. I’ve got sale reversal this morning too.

April fail :frowning:


My sales continue to decline, but I am thinking increased competition is the culprit… Need to create projects with more contemporary style… The market is fickle now with so many options. :pensive:


Worst month for now. This month I had “sale reversals” more than for all time I am here ( 5 years ). Maybe somebody from Envato stuff explain this? - Don’t think so. :wink:


Yeap… worst reversals ever.


Last 24 hours only 1 sale. 100% something is wrong. I’ve touch the bottom.


Envato - sometimes ago :slight_smile: say - all of you authors will have better sells - company from Aus go to Hollywood - ups USA

we lost OUR money which is go to IRS - USA citizens…

then in meantime - sells are going down


something is very wrong with the sales guys …


Do you have a link to where they said that? I don’t recall them ever saying that. But still… who’s to say that your sales might have been even lower if they hadn’t have moved to the US?


if nothing else my income is 20% down because from every USA buyer - My money, not envato money goes to IRS for USA citizens…

when Envato was Aus money, once again my money was my money


Link wtf ??? envato didnt took our money when was Aus company

when Franky goes to Hollywood from us 30% goes to USA America- Americanos…



Quote :
I wanted to stress that this set of changes is not one that we’ve taken lightly, and we’ve put a lot of effort into considering and weighing up the trade-offs for our users.
On balance, I believe that this is the right move for Envato and our community overall. Ultimately growing in the key market of the US will lead to a larger revenue pool for authors on Envato Market.
Emphasize on “larger revenue pool for authors”. Enough said…


Because you’ve stated that Envato said that “all of you authors will have better sells” when they move to the US… and they didn’t say that. Unless I missed something along the way and you have a link to it? I’m all for you, and others, expressing your opinion on the current situation, whether that be positive or negative… but if you state something as a fact then it needs to be true.


No sales for 3 days! Very bad month


Hmmm… I can tell you directly from chatting on voice with a certain top notch Envato guy.
One of the key reasons stated was… we need to be present there so we can do more to bring more customers to Envato market hence better sales to authors, one example of these features that “cannot” be done out of US were the payment methods and do you see any payment methods that need this kind of moves?

Now Envato is a digital market, do give me an example of what you can’t do of what has been done if you are not situated there?

Hence the misleading.

Now about this thread: March was well, sales were picking up our marketing efforts helped, but April will be 25% to 30% slower, due to holidays and gigantic discounts from the big players.

I predict the first week of May should be a bit slower also, then sales should start to pick up a bit all till the middle of July, then brace yourselves for a bad period all to way to the end of September.

Of course, things can change.



Here are all the parts in the orginal announcement that relate to sales…

Along with more growth opportunities, being in the US will help us service US buyers with more targeted payment methods leading to better conversion rates and happier buyers.

It almost goes without saying that the US is a key market for any digital business and our industry. We think there’s great opportunities to expand Envato there, and so we’ve chosen the US as the first international market to set up in.

Ultimately growing in the key market of the US will lead to a larger revenue pool for authors on Envato Market.

The key point is that there will be ‘a larger revenue pool’, but with ever increasing numbers of authors, that revenue pool needs to be shared between more people. It doesn’t say that each individual will automatically get more money. I’m not privy to sales figures, but based on the occasional forum posts that are required to assure authors Envato isn’t going bankrupt any time soon… I’m pretty sure the total revenue was higher in 2016 than it was in 2015.

If that’s true, then there’s no indication that anything stated in the announcement was untrue. Is it possible the guy you spoke to said that there would be a larger revenue pool for authors, or more total revenue for authors… rather than better sales for everyone? Even if he did explicitly state that every author will earn more by them moving to the US compared to them not moving to the US… how would you disprove that? I mean, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have just said that every author will earn more in 2016 than they did in 2015?