The reason my stock footage was rejected

I uploaded this video recently(without the watermark ofc) and it got rejected. I only realized afterward that it could be because of the Airline logo, but the rejection email says “we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”


If that’s the case, what can I do to make sure it’s up to standards, I’m rendering in 4k high bitrate, the quality is pretty good, and I have uploaded similar renders before that got approved.

If it’s the logo, can I simply remove it or create my own and re-upload?

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Vimeo link is not working.

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oops! thanks for letting me know, it should work now.

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You may not use third-party logos. Also on top of the video you have the wrong watermark. You only need to use the official watermark.
But that doesn’t mean that your video has been rejected for these reasons. If the reason for the rejection were this, then you would receive a Soft Reject requesting that these points be changed, and not Hard Reject. You cannot upload the video again, as this will be a violation of the rules.
In my personal opinion, the video was rejected for the following reasons:

  • Commercial potential. I don’t quite understand why the client needs a video with an airplane that shows someone else’s logo.
  • Wiggle is too big.
  • Camera movement is too fast.
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Thanks for the reply, as I mentioned above I uploaded the video without the watermark, this is just a preview version.

I guess the commercial part makes sense, perhaps I can change this to a template where you can place your own logo or remove branding, I just thought it would be useful for documentaries or informational videos, I was planning on making a pack for top airlines.

the camera movement and wiggle part is to make the animation look more realistic, do you think I have the right to submit it again if I make those changes as well as the logo? or would it still be considered as the same video?

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Hard to sey. It looks like it will be the same video

This is a good idea, but keep in mind that similar projects are already on the market, so your project should be different and better. Also, one scene will not be enough for the project

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Thanks a lot for the input, I will do couple of changes and re-upload and see how it goes.

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So I made few changes and tried uploading the video, it was rejected again for the same reasons, I really don’t understand how it’s below quality standards, I’ve seen a lot of videos on envato that are way below my video’s quality.

attempt #2:


Did you use Envato watermark?

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I’ve uploaded it without a watermark as usual…

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Maybe cause it’s stock motion graphics which you are trying to pass as “real life” stock footage? :smiley:
So perhaps they would accept it as motion graphics video instead?