The Good, The Bad and The Ugly about Elements

Let me start by saying, I’m a customer for +11 years and bought over 460 items (mostly Themes) so I am not new nor a hater but I thought it would be useful to share my experience with Elements from my perspective.

The Good: I adore this concept and the offer itself. The photo Twenty20 was a really good add-on Thumbs up!!

The Bad: Being turned down for any kind of support is annoying. It should be only be non availble when it’s part of the instructions. I am never getting in touch with authors to learn how to install the theme/plugin but simply asking why it’s not working out of the box and I am instantly turned down. On the initial response it’s I don’t see your license and when I show them my license from Elements then it’s even worst some simply don’t respond back.

The Ugly: Seems like the only authors willing to put their WordPress Themes/plugins and video templates on Elements are either stuff that is really old and/or not popular and/or not supporting the latest technology. Since there’s no way you can get in touch with the author, if you try to share a comment about your experience (saying it’s not working properly) within the theme comments section then it’s automatically flagged and will no longer show up for other potential buyers. So in my case I have taken a license on many things on Envato Elements that I will never use just because it’s not working as planned (I am not a newbie). At the end of the day the author is getting money he shouldn’t get and on my end I have wasted time trying to install a crappy theme or plugin.

So I don’t know if anything make sense to you guys but that’s really my 2 cents. On one side we have the WOW Envato Element Rocks but on the other hand we have many Theme/Plugin that sucks.

At the end of the day, most of the time, I end up buying a new theme on ThemeForest instead of using from my annual subscription and it’s just bad.


Agree so much man! Try OneMosnter, those guys have great support! Their WP themes work pretty well for the most part out of the box as well. I agree man, it’s so frustrating to have to uninstall a crappy theme that you just installed and thought everything would work properly, at least for the basic parts of the website, but then it does not. I’m not trashing no one here in Envato, but I have really had many, many times that I have to uninstall themes that just don’t work like they are supposed to. Really a bummer. But the lack of support is the worst part. I’m probably dropping my membership soon.

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You can always contact author via profile page. Every item on any Envato Market pass the manual review process. It can’t be it’s not working, just a bad setup or software issues.
Personally because of that i have a problems explaing to buyers, that no one is here to cheat you, stole your money etc… Most of us live from our items, it’s not in our interest that something is not working as it should. I provide support to my buyers anytime as long as they ask.

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