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Your suggestion for WordPress themes is completely substandard. I am an exclusive author on AudioJungle (my nicknames is beepcode / beepcode2) and have bought a regular subscription to Elements for two years. So I’m tired of the fact that authors who sell their WordPress themes are completely unprofessional about their work. This is common human greed and laziness, I think. I tried to make several sites for myself (music promotion) and my relatives (for their services) using plugins and WordPress themes from a subscription, but as it turned out, ALL themes and plugins that I downloaded after a few months began to malfunction due to the fact that were updated, and the WordPress platform was updated regularly. Moreover, when trying to get technical support from the author of themes and plug-ins, I was persistently sent to buy already paid versions (this is indicated in the license agreement) and this is actually the main problem, since it gives the authors and Envato an irresponsible approach to the issue of service quality.

Therefore, there is no point in using WordPress themes and plugins for long term projects. I can say that about 12 times my sites have been hacked due to vulnerabilities in themes or plugins. I do not know who accepted these works for sale on the Elements site, but many of them are “full of holes” and are broken by bots “for one, two, three”.

As proof, I can give an example when I bought 2 copies of the Avada theme and for 3 years not a single vulnerability was found in it (fortunately). I think because this theme is regularly updated and matches the current version of WordPress. In addition, it has its own engine and page builder. In general, I do not recommend using WordPress themes and plugins on the Elements service for anyone. If you want to make a website for yourself - buy themes on Thempforest separately.

To Envato’s managers, I want to say - do not give people false hope that they will receive good service if you yourself are not sure that this is so. I am very unpleasant for this whole situation.

Samir (BeepCode)

I’ll just say $16.5 for Elements is cheap enough. Support with that, updates, carefree future? :slight_smile: Sir, you got a lot already, future is in your hands :slight_smile:

Dear, if you understand generally in marketing and sales, then you must understand one thing. Creating themes for WordPress and plugins is a direction that is based on customer support. This product cannot in principle be sold “as is”. This is not an audio file, it is not a picture or video. The problem is that Envato, on their site, the Elements has organized an unprofitable (for users) commercial offer in advance. But I thought that even this minimal volume of themes and plugins would be optimal and refined and would not require the intervention of their authors in the future. It turned out to be quite the opposite. The conclusion is simple - either you need to include mandatory support for this proposal or remove it - because it does not work. From the word “in general”.

This was always there sir. It says no support. You can tell that you have troubles with items, as many people do, as WordPress websites are not really made for common man, like the mentioned sounds or pictures. You just cannot run a website without knowledge or money. We’re still not there. At least not the ones based on WordPress. Hopefully that helps! And keep in mind that this is my personal opinion as an individual. Thanks!

Yes, I read it. But that doesn’t improve the service in any way. Or do you think that if it is written on the Envato website - is it a law or a dogma? This is a market and there is a buyer who pays and a seller who sells. As a buyer, I am not satisfied with the service. Because in the end I lost - time, money and nerves. Is it really incomprehensible?

Some services cannot be evaluated immediately - only over time, this was the reason for the calculation. I am not a programmer and did not know it right away, but the programmers who made WordPress themes and plugins and Envato knew very well about it. This is the problem.

Just cancel your subscription, and check out the alternatives. For WP surely, you can use Wordpress.org, and you will still face problems until you learn a bit of this or that, but for anything else, you will not find a better deal then Elements. It’s just the way it is.


I read the whole discussion and from my position I can confirm that you are both mostly right!

I have been subscribing to the elements for about a year and it took me a long time to figure out what its purpose is, how it works, how to look for WordPress themes and plugins, photos, graphics, etc. and how to choose them.

Unfortunately, I also made a few mistakes and used poorly supported WordPress themes and plugins when creating several of my websites. I was guided by the most beautiful looks and functionality.

At first I was angry at Envato, but now I’m actually grateful, because such a system made me step out of my comfort zone and learn, learn a lot. It’s not that I have no objections to Envato, but I’ll talk about that later.

What does not fall into this category and discussion are photos, audio files, graphics and the like, which does not depend on upgrades. Here a lot of things can be tried and used in various projects.

Still, there is a way to make a good choice of both Wordpress themes and plugins. Once the user has mastered this, everything can be regularly updated manually. My experience is that all the themes and plugins that are updated on Envato Market are also up to date on Elements. If the user wants automatic upgrades, then he must pay a fee to the author. That makes sense to me.

I don’t expect authors to upgrade Wordpress themes and add-ons for years for a minimal fee from Elements.
For most authors, small sales volumes do not bring in much profit and do not allow them to invest so much time in constant upgrades.

If a user takes on the challenge of making a website himself (without hiring professionals), it does not mean that it will not cost him anything. If you want a quality, stable and secure website, which will work for years, paying for example 200 (for regular update theme and plugins) is nothing compared to for example 1000 to $ 3000 how much you should pay a professional for a similar job.

As soon as I have time, I will make instructions (if someone hasn’t already done so) on how to choose WordPress themes and plugins in Elements, which are well supported by the author.

In the end, I think for that money, Envato Elements is a huge source of material and knowledge.

My objection about the Envato Elements channel:

  1. It is still necessary to better explain to potential customers what they will get for subscribing to the Elements channel, and that this is not for the average user, who does not have enough knowledge or is not ready to learn.
    The enticing advertisement that constantly pops up within the Envato Market for Elements is not clear and is misleading.
    When I bought the subscription I was convinced that I was buying a subscription for Envato Market :laughing:
    It wasn’t until later that I realized how addicted I was to good marketing. I was very angry. Laws within the European Union are rigorous for such things and if someone raises such an issue, it is possible that Envato would be fined a large sum of money.

  2. Searching and archiving (collections, downloads) has been done catastrophically poorly. I have completed Elements surveys several times and stated what needs to be fixed, but in vain. Polls keep popping up, but no one is responding to suggestions for improvement.
    I realized they wanted it to stay that way.

Best Regards.

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Thanks @beepcode and @ZoranRamac for your feedback on this - I’ve raised it with the Elements team and others across the business.

There’s currently a strategy project underway, looking at the future role for both marketplace shopfronts and subscription services for web & code items. That project will inform the way we prioritise all the different improvements to the way we sell themes for many years to come. Part of that process has included reviewing all the feedback from customers and authors - if you’ve participated in interviews, focus groups, surveys or other methods of providing feedback, your comments have definitely not been ignored.

On the search and discovery side of things, that’s a big focus for one of the Elements teams at the moment. There are a lot of behind-the-scenes pieces that have already being worked on over the last month, and more visible changes to the way that content is displayed will be rolling out in the coming months.

Most of those won’t involve obvious changes, but they should make the process of searching for and finding good quality items a lot more intuitive (and a lot less frustrating, in many cases).

Thanks @BenLeong for the good news. Any improvement is welcome :+1:

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Thanks :slight_smile:

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