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Last year we announced that we would be adding WordPress as a category to Envato Elements sometime in 2017. Today we’re letting you know that we are working towards a target launch month of August/September and will soon begin to invite WordPress theme and plugin authors to participate.

Why WordPress Now?

Since it launched last August, Elements has been doing a lot of growing. Authors have continued to publish amazing content, taking the total collection from 5000 to 25,000 items. Subscriber numbers have followed a similar trajectory, passing 25,000 last week. And month on month, author earnings have increased on every metric (total, average, median and maximum author earnings).

New content is key to this positive trend. Fresh, quality items and new content types enable us to attract new subscribers and also make it more likely we can retain subscribers for a long time. When considering the options for the next new Elements content type, it’s hard to go past WordPress.

Envato is known for the quality and variety of its WordPress library. WordPress authors on ThemeForest and CodeCanyon have built a reputation for meeting the unique needs of customers with premium, high quality themes and plugins to ensure building a website is on trend and hassle-free.

Adding even a tiny piece of this market leading collection to Elements will contribute tremendous value to the subscription and bring us one step closer to establishing a reliable source of incremental earnings for authors. It will help give Elements a distinct competitive advantage now, which we believe will accelerate its growth trajectory.

What will the WordPress experience look like on Elements?

The challenge with WordPress in Elements is that there is a ton of complexity in doing it right. Many authors have questioned how WordPress fits into Elements in a way that’s sustainable for the authors involved.

Over the last few months we’ve been asking these questions too. We’ve always believed that with the right framework, WordPress items and WordPress authors would thrive on Elements. That belief remains, and here’s where we landed.

  • With the launch of WordPress, Elements will also be introducing annual plans. To get access to WordPress themes and plugins, subscribers will have to be on an annual plan (priced higher than the current average price of a theme - we’re still figuring out final pricing details, we’ll loop back when we know more).

  • Support is not available on items downloaded through Elements. No theme or plugin author will be required or expected to support Elements subscribers. To enable access to support, Elements themes and plugins will need to also be available on Envato Market. Elements subscribers must purchase a license for the item on ThemeForest or CodeCanyon if they’d like to obtain support. We believe this is one way to ensure that item availability on Elements is sustainable for the authors involved.

Even with both of these pieces in place, we know Elements won’t be right for some WordPress authors, and that’s OK. As with our graphics and templates categories, our plan is to launch with a very small group of authors who want to be involved. We’re reviewing existing portfolios and inviting authors who meet our invitation criteria, but participation is 100% voluntary.

Will WordPress on Elements impact Envato Market sales?

As we reported last year, overall Elements continues to be strongly incremental, meaning little to no negative impact on Market sales while generating an additional earnings stream for authors.

At this point we’ve also had some web-related content available on Elements for a long enough time to have a better understanding of the potential impact of Elements on Market sales of WordPress items. Perhaps the most relevant is CMS templates, as they are also code-based items that have similar requirements around updates, feature enhancements and ongoing support.

For CMS templates currently on Elements, the data shows that the sales for these items on Market have remained consistently on trend, with little to no cannibalization of Market sales. Additionally, when you add in their earnings from Elements, authors of these items are generally seeing incremental earnings growth of +10%.

We believe that when we add WordPress items to Elements we’ll see similar results for theme authors. The framework for WordPress we’ve developed also means it’s more likely for Elements to function as a traffic source for the ‘full service’ versions of items on ThemeForest and CodeCanyon.

Next Steps

Many WordPress authors are looking for ways to improve and increase same-customer earnings and find ways to transform their business from single-purchase customers to recurring customers. These are the reasons why we continue to look for new ways for authors to earn.

Envato Hosted, Envato Studio services, item support renewals, affiliate revenue and now Envato Elements all present avenues for authors to maximize their earnings across Envato and build a recurring revenue stream.

So, if bringing WordPress to Elements is the moment you’ve been waiting for, then get ready! In the coming days, our team will be reaching out to specific authors, inviting them to make their items available on Elements.

In the meantime, we’re here to answer any questions you might have. We’ll be providing batches of answers to questions every few days. Please make sure you’ve read through these as we’ll only be responding to questions not yet covered.

Helpful Info About Being an Envato Elements Author


Instead of focusing on Elements and its annual subscription plans that offer little revenue only for those involved, you could have focused your energy on annual subscription plans to access updates on themeforest and codecanyon which would bring much more to every author.


Oh boy, based on the experience we had explaining to customers the difference between a regular and extended licence, I’m already creating a zendesk template for quesions like “So why don’t you do support?”.

Support is one of the major factors for customers to buy more from one author.


Will we need to wait a whole year to receive our earnings from these customers?


To those who do not understand my question: Elements authors share 14.5 USD (based on a $29 monthly subscription) with everyone else who had their item downloaded by the same customer. This mean we need to wait for their subscription period to end so Envato can calculate our share and pay us. For example, we will only receive this month (june) earnings n august 15th.


Hi @jamesgiroux,

Any way to nominate a theme for inclusion? Or will it be similar to Hosted WordPress where only few (currently 11 authors) power elites are invited?


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Ok, what must be, must be :frowning:
Send us an invitation then :smiley:

Do I need one more invite?

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Hi @jamesgiroux,
I wanna become an Envato Elements Contributor. But I no luck :(, my portfolio: https://themeforest.net/user/snstheme/portfolio
Can you send me an Invitation?

Why with the same items from Themeforest and Codecanyon. Why not new item for Elements only :confused:


I understand the no-support clause, but this is a totally non-sense for software: you should know a big part of items selling is based on how customers trust an author.

Author X is famous to provide good, fast, efficient support. Has good ratings. Then customers purchase.
Selling software without support isn’t surely good for customers satisfaction.

You could create a “support pack” purchase for items being on Elements and on marketplaces (and eventually add an “add support pack to cart” button).
This would be better for UX and gonna bring more revenues to us.


Software isn’t like graphic:
I read few FAQs about Elements and “fresh contents” are required. Isn’t “fresh” the opposite of “good” software?
Really hard to publish something really innovative and great nowadays.

Personally I published my 4 best-selling plugins between 2012 and 2013 but I keep them updated and constantly bring new features (eg. I’m about to launch PrivateContent v6).
Would this be considered during authors choice or will you check only among recent items?


Possible marketplace fallouts:
I think this will have impacts across the marketplace. Having WP Elements banner on top of our WP items will be surely a damage.

Let’s see if you finally succeeded sinking the marketplace :laughing:


You would already have “Elements” for WP:
Yes I know, you can’t force authors keeping items updated. But why don’t you start evolving authorship on Envato?
Envato IS already an “Elements” for wordpress. There’s the best stuff you can find.

We already specify requirements and compatibilities. Why don’t you simply add pay updates like every developer on earth? Force us to specify software version, changelog and effectively check for changes!

"The plugin I purchased one year ago has been updated? Good: I pay to renew and download the update!"
It works like this everywhere since… always!


We’ve a Suggestions. Just Shut Down ThemeForest tonight and we want to see ENVATO ELEMENTS Growth of sales… We’ve tried Elements from last 1 year but avg income is $60-80 on every 2 months which is ridiculous…


Same item on different marketplace isn’t a good IDEA. Buyers are confused, we Authors are also being confused about Support.
If we ask to Purchase the Item for Support which they(Buyers) have already paid on Elements, what will be the Authors reputation !!!
Result will bad ratings/comments and overall negative thinking about this Marketplace…


Elements was build target to Graphics now SOFTWARE is being ELEMENTS !!!
Like someone is telling me a JOKE !!!


I DON’T SUPPORT. Envato please dont make it bad for us.


The business model could fit for authors involved, but only if not over-saturated.
Otherwise you just make cents.

What I will never understand is why they don’t start using pay-updates as they did with support.
Will be a huge success for both parts. Ok, they will have to perform stricter checks on products… but actually marketplaces are full of low-quality items (or authors) not selling or having left their projects.


Now, finally they will succeed in sinking ThemeForest once for all. Congratulations!. Who would like to work for cents? Cents is what elements authors get a month.


Finally ThemeForest Dead forever :sob: Very good decision Collis.


100% agree with you. Now a days Envato means LOW QUALITY Products.
The Future of WordPress on Envato Market is LOW PRICE MARKET, Elements just started this. No value for creative works. Buyers are already telling "Ohh, only $29 I will get thousands of WordPress Theme"
On above Forum Post, they’ve already declared that they will not hear any complains from Authors.


On elements what is going to happen if an author is downloading a theme and he doesn’t like it ?

He is not going to download the license… so he can go to themeforest and blackmail to offer support else is not going to register the license …

So how does Envato prevent this kind of abuse ?

You should advertise just as you did on themeforest that “THEY NEED TO BUY A LICENSE FROM THEMEFOREST IF THEY NEED SUPPORT!!!”


We don’t support Envato Elements.


Half Billion Likes :slight_smile:

  • Collis
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