The first week on AudioJungle!

Hi there!
Thank you Envato and the whole team !!!
I am stoked to be part of this creative community and am going to do my best to deliver quality songs, consistently.
In my first week on I already have:
-20 sale,
-Badge Trendsetter,
-sale Music Mass Reproduction License,
-sale Music Broadcast License (1 Million)

There is a lot of goals and expectations!
Thanks again to the buyers and Envato! For this amazing opportunity - to create and sell our music!
I am very happy what happened!
Have a good week! All the very best!


Well done! It’s taken me my first month to get 20 sales. J

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Wow, that’s a great start! Congrats :tada:

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Congratulations! We are still new, on our first month we made 13 sales, although we worked a lot on our porfolio…still finding the ways to promote our songs more efficiently. Do you maybe have some tip you wanna share? :smile:

Congratulations on your success! keep up the good work. your porfolio is really nice!

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Friends, thank you for your congratulations !!!