The command “Select” is not currently available

I downloaded 7 different photoshop actions today:

  • Nebula 2
  • 2020 Fuzzy collage
  • Scribble doodle collage
  • Editorial mixed media fx
  • Watercolor
  • Flex
  • Fury

None of them is working. I am getting this error on all of them: “The command “Select” is not currently available.”

I am using Photoshop 2021.

I’ve checked the help files, googled, checked youtube tutorials from the authors and everything else available on the internet.

How do I solve this?

Hi , I’m the Author of Nebula 2 Action

Please make sure that

  • Brush file is successfully loaded to Photoshop .
  • Make sure that brush layer letters are all lowercase .
  • Make sure that Brush Opacity is 100%
  • If you still get the error you can Reset Photoshop Preferences and restart it , To do that, go to the menu, ‘ Edit > Preferences > General ’ and then selecting ‘ Reset Preferences on Quit


You can fix this issue by following these steps;

1.) Make sure your bottom layer is named Background and it is locked.
2.) Make a fresh layer and name it, brush use all lower case letters.
3.) This is the step that got it all to work. Load the brushes the ABR file that goes with that action.
4.) Apply your brush and paint over the parts of the image you want the action applied to on the brush layer.
5.) Choose the layer you named brush and play the action. Easy!
All works Great again!

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