Fix "the command get is not currently available" in CS6

I want use Photoshop CS6 for batch editing because it is lite and can be used in sandboxie software.
following script is fully execute in the latest version of Photoshop (2023):

#target photoshop

/* Check for selection - from jazz-y */
var selectionBounds = null;
try {
    selectionBounds = activeDocument.selection.bounds
} catch (e) {}
if (selectionBounds) {

        /* Start Process selected layers - from jazz-y */
        var s2t = stringIDToTypeID;
        (r = new ActionReference()).putProperty(s2t('property'), p = s2t('targetLayersIDs'));
        r.putEnumerated(s2t('document'), s2t('ordinal'), s2t('targetEnum'));
        var lrs = executeActionGet(r).getList(p),
            sel = new ActionReference();
        for (var i = 0; i < lrs.count; i++) {
            sel.putIdentifier(s2t('layer'), p = lrs.getReference(i).getIdentifier(s2t('layerID')));
            (r = new ActionReference()).putIdentifier(s2t('layer'), p);
            (d = new ActionDescriptor()).putReference(s2t("target"), r);
            executeAction(s2t('select'), d, DialogModes.NO);
        /* End Process selected layers - from jazz-y */

        /* Clear selected layers */
        try {
        } catch (e) {}

} else {
    alert("This script requires a selection!");

but when i run above script in CS6 i get following error:
how to fix this error in CS6?

Solution is not here, go to Adobe forum/support for the help.

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but this forum for what?

General purposes / issues related to the Envato marketplace/items