The 7 theme - Slow loading in Google speed test

Hi All,

My page is loading quite slow on the Google Speed Test.

I have installed WP rocket + cloudflare.

Can the theme also cause these loading problems? (The 7)

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Contact with your purchase item author @Dream-Theme hope they will help you out from your issue.


It could be several things.

  • what hosting are you using? Shared? Dedicated? What provider?

  • have you installed everything in the theme or only what you need?

  • have you optimised assets eg images? Minified CSS/JS?

  • it is a big theme but is also one of the best and the demo is anything but slow

Hi Charlie,

Thanks for your message

Bluehost for my hosting.

Only the things I need, the rest already deleted.

Optimised images with Smush and Minified CSS/JS with WP rocket.

When I try to load the Demo it tells me 17 on mobile and 51 on desktop. That’s quite bad.

Kind regards,

Hi unlockdesign,

Do they also interact on this forum?

You can ask your question right here as a comments

or this is your purchase item support

What’s your url? Would be interesting to see what the report says is wrong

I think I want to switch to CheerUp. Do you have experience with this theme?

I have (very positive) experience with 7 but not familiar with Cheer Up.

I really would suggest asking @Dream-Theme if they are able to offer any advice. They are one of the most respected authors on here, and 7 is a great theme.