The 23rd rejection. What am I doing wrong?

Hello everybody! Today I received another refusal. Tell me, what’s wrong with the composition? Otherwise, I will not leave this circle …
Thank you!

It’s too complex to be classified as a track in one specific genre. It has elements of alternative rock, folk acoustic and cinematic epic. You’re overcomplicating things, keep the quantity of instruments minimum and try to write a very simple track in one specific genre.

Listen to what’s on top, but listen carefully! Then you will understand what’s wrong with your tracks! Or not, who knows?!

You can specifically say, with the example of this composition, what is wrong with it?

I’m sorry, if you find it by yourself you will learn something that really will help you instead of a not AJ successful guy telling you what is wrong with your tune. I may say that is this or that, but will it really help?! I don’t think so, I’m sorry!

Words about anything. If you want to help, then help. If you want to seem smart, it’s not me.

Let me tell you… if I were smart I would be a successful AJ author, don’t you think?
But ok… I’ll do my best to help you:
(can’t listen to your streaming tune, I’m sorry!!) Don’t want to download it… upload it to SC and post it here.

EDIT: look for some other place to sell your stuff, I’m sorry… 23 rejections?! I didn’t notice 'cause I was too drunk!!

You don’t say


I’m a transparent guy, I’m sorry! I’f I’m drunk… I’m drunk… what’s the prob?
If I think I was abt something and iI was rude I say I’m sorry, I’m on vacation trying to depress myself! I will never, ever offend anybody personally!

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Much more than taht!!!

You need to sleep.

NOP, I’m drunk all the time! :wink:

I think this does not apply to my problem.

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Lovelly! But get drunk sometimes to see that’s a stupid state of mind!

The number of tips is amazing!

  1. Nobody really wants to download your files to listen to them. Try uploading them on soundcloud or something else that’s streamable.

  2. Nobody owes you feedback. Try being polite if you want more help.

I can not upload a file to a soundcloud.

If you really want the community to help and offer insight to your music then post a link to your music that works or upload it to a platform that allows users to play it.

The last link does not work?

No - but I could win a kitchen stove…exactly what I want and need.

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