.. that allows students and teachers to network in my school

Hi there :slight_smile:
Been browsing the different themes to use with a Wordpress website.
I have to create a website that allows 2 different type of users (students and professors) to register and that allow them to network, message, etc.
I am considering Boss, Klein, Kleo.
Any recommendation with which one is the more appropriate given I have small experience with WordPress…

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You need to be super clear on exactly what functionality you want/need for users and how you plan to manage that esp given potentially confidential data which may be involved.

“Network and message etc” may require additional plugins or functionality (may even suit BuddyPress themes more) but, depending on what the full requirements are, you are unlikely to find an out of the box solution to something like that.

Thanks Charlie4282 :slight_smile:

Yes, this is also what I am struggling with within our association: refining our requirements. It is quite challenging to simplify and summarise what “everybody” want as I am not an expert (my previous experience is on WYSIWYG web builders such as WIX). However, I am willing to put effort myself on WordPress.

The website minimum functionalities:

  • Users should be able to register or sign-up using Facebook
  • Users register as students or teachers. Both have different profile information.
  • Users should be able to look for other users such as :
    • students can only (ideally) search for teachers and teachers can only search for students.
    • students can only (ideally) message teachers and teachers can only message students.
  • The other pages would be News, About, contact Us.

I am keen to look at advanced themes but as none are free, I did not want to go for them blindly…

In all honesty, I doubt you will find those features as standard in a theme.

Realistically something custom worked up like that would be thousands of $ - there are themes which might help begin the process and plugins which would help but aside form the likely custom work to achieve what you are after in terms of functionality, there are some quite serious considerations to take when it comes to security, hosting, updates etc. when capturing that type of personal information.

It sounds like a BuddyPress theme would be where to start, but again this will still need quite a bit of further customisation and with all due respect this is usually something which would use a custom built solution or even software specifically designed for that purpose. Either way, it is not really a job for someone new to development or WP.

You can always look on www.studio.envato.com at freelancers who are vetted and may be able to help create or customise something, but again whoever has tasked you with this should be made aware of the scope of what you are looking for and the time, resource, budget required.

Thanks Charlie4282,

I will have a further look on BuddyPress standard functionalities while talking to freelancers :slight_smile:
Our custom needs may accommodate, at the beginning, standards functions.


One thing to think about (depending on the institution it is for and their internal privacy policies) there is likely to be some legal requirements around security, data storage and comms moderation between teachers and students.

This could well impact the choice of platform, security applications, coding expectation, testing/vulnerability checks, hosting requirements etc.