Help for a new website

I would appreciate if you could give me any help/ideas, about a WordPress theme and/or plugin, as I would like to create a new web site with the following features using two different memberships’ area:
The first membership area: a teacher becomes member and fills a form with personal data (e.g. math and/or drama - city or area) or other ……
The second membership area: schools that ask to become member and are able to search for the teacher that they need (using a personal password given to them), (e.g. they are looking for a teacher in L.A. area).

Thanking you in advance for your kind cooperation.


My advice is if you don’t have any experience with sites that you hire someone. this what you want don’t have out of box you will need customize plugin or template.
I don’t know do you have some budget for site?

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Hi Zacc,

Thanks for your fast reply! You are right!

I have some knowledge in WordPress and HTML language, but I don’t figure out which WordPress template or plugin I have to use, and eventually customize it, for my project.
I saw one “Medical Directory - Hospitals & Doctors Listing” could it be fine for the project, after customizing it for what I need, but there isn’t a demo version to evaluate if it is ok or not.
For a moment, I do not have any budget, but it could be in the future.

Thanks again!

If you want to earn money you need and invest money.

I will … Thanks