thanks can be closed.

I bought it. I wish I hadn’t! I regret a thousand times. it gives an error in the installation, and the producer tells everyone to open support tickets. Web site is not a member. Login with Google plus or social media. support disgusting. please take care of such issues. I want my money back. I’m nervous! i don’t want that script i just want my money back.

Pay attention to this team. Please.

sorry but. money is not easily earned. I’m very sorry I bought this product.

There is no need to post your message in the public forums. Nobody here can help you with this particular issue. Most of us are authors and do not help with products other than our own.

You need to open a support request and be quite patient :+1:t5:

You could also being a refund request but in my opinion, it is best to contact the author of the product, ask for help and in case you are not able to reach an agreement, to being a refund request.

Hopefully the issue is nothing major and the author is able to resolve it.

Good luck.

my friend, I’m 35. you don’t have a silencer! yes, I will inform each team about this. but the opposing team is very irrelevant. I need to open this topic to attract attention.
I told him where I got the script. notify your team.
let’s see what happens.

Oh really, i’m older than you are! :grinning::sweat_smile: I’m jealous!

Back on topic, not wanting to register and open a support ticket because of social media login is your call. But keep in mind that the author has a support system in place from what you’ve written. I’d take advantage of that and try to get in touch?

You have to understand that this author from what I can understand is just another regular Joe, trying to make a living just like you. There is no need to shame them and is against the rules in the forum.

It could very well be just a misunderstanding and a mistake on your part having missed a setting. It’s always wise to give the benefit of the doubt.

Now look, I’m telling myself. 34 bucks I gave him won’t ennoble me. but I’m ripped off with a lot more money! I’m tired now! I pay for the service, but I have nothing! And I’m not the only one who wants a few more friends back his money. For the first time I was aware of the forum and I wanted to move this issue here.

Hey, I’m on your side mate. I understand your delusion. But I cannot help and others cannot help either. There is a procedure here.

The marketplace has several thousand purchases a day. Just contact support. You will very likely get a refund.

Do not panic :sweat:

I contacted both sides. Let’s see what happens. and I’ve never taken 2 themes before I passed 1 year. my money went in vain. but this time I won’t leave this job blank.
Thank you.

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Sounds like you have taken the correct action.

All refund info can be found here however going to close the thread as only support can help with this matter and calling items or authors out is not allowed.