Just bought script which has loads of errors and now its been taken down and I have no support

I just bought this script https://codecanyon.net/item/oobenn-instagram-style-social-networking-script/17048549 2 days ago, I install it find issues like loads of spelling mistakes in the front and backend, live streaming doesnt work, layout is broken so you cannot click into the settings configuration and a lot more issues which I sent to the author.

I am supposed to have some kind of support with this product, the author has not replied and now its even been taken off the market.

So where does that leave me? I havent even had time to get started with this script, listed all issues with it to the author who doesnt help or acknowledge me and then takes it off the market. Thats $79 I paid for nothing!

Please help!

Hi, you should ask for a refund: