Tests for CodeCanyon Search Results Pages



Wait, what? It uses the 1st image from the screenshots section instead of the Inline Preview Image? Why?


I think some sellers do not understand how important this feature is. Preview picture more important for sellers. They will be able to promote their products better. But of course it was brought back to its former state. It’s embarrassing for those who make bad comments.This feature should survive and should be available.

But the mistakes need to be corrected. :):face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Good, Thats Really Great.


Hi everyone

A quick note - we have switched this test back on and now it should be using the correct image. Remember you may not see the new design, only some users will see it.


Sales dropped from ~10 sales per day to 0!

I guess you need to get the old search system back and just keep it like it is!


Indeed sales are down but the search is well done. I don’t understand why.

Can it be that the product banners are not that appealing as the small thumbnails or it just needs time for the users to get used with the new search system.


How are the sales for everyone?


Same here, a big drop big drop in sales for some reason.


Sales are truly dead. 1 sale in 48 hours. Wow!


Our sales are also down. Anybody knows why?


The same down but the search is well made, a problem that I see is the product’s preview images, most of them are not well done including y own :slight_smile: probably this will change in the future authors will invest more time in creating the preview inline product image.


Agreed. But it seems that it is compatible with Chrome but not with Mozilla Firefox browser.


Sorry, It is not a compatibility issue. It is something else.


Awesome. It works great now, I believe in the long run this will benefit everyone. Is it safe to assume that the search ranking hasn’t changed? I’ve tested a couple of keywords on both the old and the new interface, and they returned the same order of results.


Yes this is correct, we have only changed the layout/design and not the algorithm.


Is there any way to come on the top in searches?


From what information you can provide, can you relate the changes of the search results page with a drop in sales or in your guy’s opinions this happened without being related ?


The first thing to consider is only half of CodeCanyon users are seeing the new design.

We’ll need a couple more weeks to know the outcome of this test. I can say we’re not seeing a negative impact so far. If one of your items has decreased in sales, one thing to check is how your item looks in the search results compared to your competitors now the image is a larger focus and if your key features are compelling.


So, this is the cause of the huge sales drop I am having :thinking:.


Just can’t believe that is nothing changed with algorithm.
We had a big drop in sales nad now we have up and downs every day. :slight_smile:

I see it as some kind of A/B testing.