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Indeed, something is going on with search results, algorithm changed or not, there is definitely a big difference in sales results. The biggest drop from more than 12 months and no explanation for that.


CodeCanyon sales since new search update… :sob:


Yeap its really really bad…


The test is now complete and we have found conversion has had a small increase with the new design. There are still improvements we can make based on feedback & data we collected during the test and we will be making small tweaks to the design over the coming weeks.

A reminder - there have been no changes to the search algorithm. If one of your items has seen a decrease (please check your year on year performance, not month to month) then please take a look at how your item looks on the category page and on some search results pages where your item appears. The two big changes in the design are showcasing your marketing image and the addition of key features. How does your item look next to other items.

We have an existing guide for key features here

For your marketing image - does it clearly show your item? Does it help sell your item? Is the text legible at the size displayed on the search results page?


I have been trying to update my item tags, but for some reason doesn’t working. I have reported this before few days, but unfortunately don’t have update on the matter.


I did the tried the same and it did not worked as well.


For this reason, am having the huge sales drop, it has nearly dropped by 60%. Also I tried to do the same thing as mentioned above but it didn’t work. Please help me in this matter. Thank you in advance for your help.


Hi, If I enter a tag as a search item, will this directly return a list of products with the specific tag and not a list of tags matching the search?
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