Tests for CodeCanyon Search Results Pages

Today we’re announcing the expansion of tests we previously announced for ThemeForest are now also being rolled out for search results on CodeCanyon.

Below is a recap of the information you’ll need to know to get involved in these experiments. We’d like to get as many CodeCanyon authors as possible to set these features up so that our data set is stronger.

Key Features for Items

We’re adding the ability for you to showcase the best aspects of your item directly on the search results. This change will allow you to highlight the main reasons why a potential customer should pick your item.

In order to add Key Features, simply edit your item page and add up to 3 Key Features to be displayed in the search results. You can highlight what makes your item unique or a key selling point. Here are some of the selling points that you can use:

  • Tagline
  • User features
  • Technical features
  • Who/what it’s for
  • Amount of styles/demos
  • Special pricing/discounts (within our guidelines)
  • Included plugins

A 45 character limit per Key Feature applies to help customers scan through the search results quickly and you will not be able to use HTML.

Key Feature Guidelines

You must follow the below guidelines while adding your Key Feature(s):

  • Do Not treat the key features like tags and stuff them with keywords.
  • Ensure that each line is unique. Do Not repeat the same feature more than once.
  • Do Not use ALL CAPS or special characters.

The following image shows how the Key Features would look on the search results and it is subject to change:

Key features will be publicly viewable in about a week. Our goal here is to give authors some time to add these in before we turn them on so that customers can see them. If you add them and don’t see them right away, don’t worry, that’s on purpose.

Add additional images to your item to help it shine

Did you know you can add screenshots of your item too? Soon we’re going to start displaying additional images on Search Results pages. Give your item the best chance by adding screenshots.

Edit your item, in the Item Attachments area, upload a new Preview Screenshots .zip file containing your images.

Images must be named in the order that you want them to appear, for example, 01_[filename].jpg, 02_[filename].jpg, 03_[filename].jpg.

These images can be a maximum of 900x900 pixels, and may be cropped when displayed on the search results page to the same aspect ratio as the main preview image. Images must be JPGs or PNGs.

We’ll be monitoring this post for the next seven days answering questions. Please remember our community guidelines as you post.


That’s a great idea, I hope it will be an impact search result.Also SEO result…
Thanks Envato Team

Wow Thats Really Great :slight_smile:

Dear Sir,

Would you consider to make a coupon feature for the author? That mean we can create 1 or multiple coupons to run the advertising campaign. And an another very important thing, we want to add some of tracking code in thank-you page (after purchasing successfull)


This is a Great feature.

Also as @King-Theme said it will be great if there is a coupon functionality available. Authors can generate coupon codes which can be used N number of times or which is valid up to certain date.

Waiting for the response.

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Thanks for introducing the new features in Codecanyon. Would you please consider to introduce a partial refund feature as well?

Thank you for this great feature, and waiting for coupon feature as well. :wink:


What is the ideal (not the maxium 1:1) ratio of the screenshots you expect?

it’s a very good idea , thank you CodeCanyon

What is the use of coupon system if people are already selling at discounted (Rock Bottom) prices?

Now they can do it with the price-driving. The coupon is just for marketting purpose. Envato allows to change the price as discount but it apply for everyone but we need a completely discount system with coupons like Woocomerce for example.

Great idea :slight_smile:

Thank you Envato :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for updates! Looking forward to try a new look. :grinning:
Thanks, Envato Team!

This is very interesting step, let us see how it will impact sales :slight_smile:

there already is 15 tags for each item and screenshots available.

what is the purpose of this?

Good idea as we expected.

I don’t understand why the image file name is so complex. Why does my current images:
“99 - CRS Admin - Usage Instructions.jpg”
does not work?

What would be correct replacement for it.
Also, I don’t have all 99 images, some are finishing at 87, then goes 91 etc., because they are grouped by the sections. Do I still need to update it. Also, what is the problem about the size. Some of my images is i.e. 1300 x 700. Just because there is a lot of data to display, it is a table there. So if I would resize it, nobody would be able to read it. Can you please clarify.

The naming scheme for the images hasn’t changed, our system displays them in order. If you have images named like 12-filename, 18-filename, 67-filename they will continue to work.

There’s no need to resize your screenshots, your 1300x700 image will be automatically resized for display on the Search Results page and remain as is on your Item page.

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I still don’t get it :D. So I added these key features, but is the image file name:
“99 - CRS Admin - Usage Instructions.jpg” is ok?
As my all images are like that. They have numbers at the front. Is spaces are possible there, or has to be replaces with dashes (-), and what about current dashes (are they has to be replaced with underscores (_), or I can leave them as is (keeping in mind that fact that some of them are 1300x700 resolution) and Envato code processors will deal with that ok without me needing to rename all the files and re-upload to Envato.

This is awesome updates from envato. Keep it up :slight_smile: