Temporarily "deactivate" portfolio Item

I want to temporarily deactivate an item of mine from CodeCanyon for purchase; without actually deleting it…is there no way to do that? It seems like a pretty basic use case if an author wants to deactivate their portfolio item for a while without actually deleting it…

Create a ticket at support regarding to your request.
They will disable the item for you ( I have done it before ) but at some point, you’d be ending to remove the item from sale ( they may re-check the item quality when you request the activate though ) - like I did.


Thank you, the thing is I plan to completely rewrite my plugin and take it off of codecanyon (fees too high and subscription retention is low). I already have another plugin using a different service with way lower fees and recurring subscriptions are way better so I plan to move my plugin hosted on codecanyon completely at some point.

The thing is, until I’m done rewriting the plugin (hasn’t been updated in a while), I want to stop new purchases and then when I’m done I want to reactivate it and in some way provide an upgrade path for old and new purchasers to move onto the new payment system, and then after a few months delete the plugin from codecanyon all together.