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I am new here, because I just purchased an Envato subscription. I have looked over the forum to perhaps find support threads that are helpful for how to use the graphics in one’s graphic software. For example, I downloaded a graphics set but only want to use one of them, so how would I go about separating it from the others in my graphics program. I would love to be directed to the appropriate forum for these discussions.

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Amazing Experience ! Best Platform

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Why dont you help out…marketing in some way…improve the format so we can earn…my flyers sell initially when they come up…but dies down eventually…why cant you help in visibility of our items. Some people cant spend time on doing self marketing but we can atleast expect some decent earning … you charge us now too much as against previously. You must do something great so good shops can earn!

I thank them that they have prvided this platform … but eventually you are on your own at the end

wish i can have more learning from Envanto, :slight_smile:

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Good luck