Tattoo Convention Flyer

Who would be interested to make a Tattoo Convention flyer with a low budget?

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hi what do u call low budget?

i dont know how much it could be costs.
If you could make me a purpose i can appraise

to do this is better if u further describe what the flyer is supposed to be all about and what style u like , i will have a more accurate estimation

You are right n2n44 !!

I would like a death angel ( without scythe ) who grabs the bell tower of my city.

For example:

hmm i see u should try to contact @Ghostmansion , he can do really good dark creations indeed he has a natural dark style :slight_smile: GL

Thank you very much for your purpose !
I try to contact @Ghostmansion

happy if i could help :slight_smile: