Switching to non-exclusive

Hey guys, due to recent tests and overall feeling I get last months from videohive I’ve started considering switching to non-exclusive status of my items. I know there are few topics about this but I’ve just wanted to ask if is there someone who done it in past three months, what was the outcome? Was it profitable?

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Guess no-one knows or no-one wants to share this secret… :cry:

I haven’t done so yet but I plan to create a second non-exclusive account and transfer a few older, zero sellers over to it. I’m doing this because those have been hidden in the masses for a while and I wish to gain new exposure to other sites I have submitted NE products to. So, I’m going to manage 2 account here, start with a just a few, and see how it goes.

I see, one question how are you gonna handle transfer? If you delete an item on one and upload it again to the new this item will be rejected.

I haven’t got that far. However, I do believe there is a way to transfer products from one account to another. I don’t plan to delete then resubmit. If I find the process for transferring, I’ll let you know here. :thumbsup:

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Thanks! Hope you can make it!

If you contact support they might give you permission to delete from your existing account and upload to your new one.

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Thanks SpaceStockFootage. I will try that. I couldn’t find definitive instructions for making that move but I did see similar comments in the forum. We’ll see what happens.

Was actually trying to do so, wrote a letter to help center team, and was actually told that

you can create a second account to differentiate between exclusive and non-exclusive, you are not allowed to create an account to re-upload old items. That’s considered a bit cheaty to be honest and it would take advantage of our “new items” section. This would be a disadvantage for other authors who create really new files so we cannot allow that.

Not sure if that is aloud to copypaste here, but that was only for clearing the process purpose.
If You will havy any other results or just ANY results - let us all know :wink:

Thanks a lot for sharing this, I am glad that I am not the only one who doubting things and calculating numbers!

Status update: I added a Non-Exclusive account and have some items approved and selling there. I just submitted a Support Request to have several items moved from my Exclusive Account to my Non-Exclusive Account. I’ll report back when I hear something from them.

thanks @MidnightSnap, set up non-exclusive too, will see how this will go.