Support Condition

Simple questions

  1. Why charge us 6 month support fee, when publisher doesn’t feel oblidged to support us buyers.
  2. Is it ok for 5 star rating as an exchange of support ? I am really annoyed with one publisher who asked you to rate 5 star first as a condition for support that we paid.

This is very silly.


  1. If you behaved respectfully towards author and didn’t try to abuse the support system then you should get support from author. Make sure you give author enough time to answer, at least 24-48 hours. Because authors are people as well.

  2. No, it is not ok to ask for 5 stars rating to give support. But if you rated item with one star before that and now you ask for support, it is very likely to happen. I think it doesn’t need explanation why.

  3. If you are sure you didn’t try to abuse support system, you can contact Envato support with your question about this author.

  1. We have no idea of the circumstances, maybe your question was customization?

  2. If that’s really the case take a screenshot and send it to envato.

@rayoflightt thank you of your respond. I am a regular customer here and case happens at my 19th purchase. so this is not my first time buying. The situation is like this. I bought one module, used it, did not work well, went publisher support, forwarded to his own support system. Get the Faq before open support ticket, and there goes the condition. Next, rate 5 stars as really need the support, somehow rating not there, talk to the it guys, ask for rating, rate again, then support.

What do you think ? I did not misbehave right.

I wont report before envato guys saw this, need his comment. Is there any change of regulation at Envato like he says that publisher is not oblidge to support according to Envato.

Did you get support at the end? If you did I think this situation is not such a big issue. Because you
can always change rating later in case if you newer get answer from author again after rating.

There is no such thing as “not obligated to support” if support is offered in theme description. But problem is
that definition of support is not always clear enough and is easy to be abused on both sides.

Also I think you won’t get official answer on forum about your question. Envato staff rarely participate in threads that are not opened by them.