New Support Options?

I signed in today to find that 90% of my downloads now have 6 months support left, why after I have purchased from the marketplace does it only include 6 months support, this was not in place when I purchase. How can this happen without any input from me to agree?

Going forward I will be taking the time to make my purchases based on authors who are not greedy and force the support for 6 months. I notice the option to order more support time if I need it which is great, it should not be forced by authors. Marketplace authors are becoming very greedy.

P.S does this inlude 6 months to downloads as well… I hope not as this will also put me off ordering from authors FULL SHOP!

Bad move by Envato in my option.

Hopefully this explanation helps understand that actually nothing has really changed and that the new policies are for the good.

It is best to share thoughts in that thread also as it keeps all comments on the same topic in one place and easier to mange/respond.