Super slow response of Envato support made me unable to receive my May payouts.

Hello. 19 days ago i replied to Envato support specialist about changing of my bank for Payoneer payouts. Since than there was no reply on my mail. Because of this delay it seems my May payout as well as April payout now canceled, because my previous bank was located in Russia. Can someone help as soon as possible? My request number is 2721442. @BenLeong @Will4490 - please, help. 2 months without my earnings is a disaster.

I am very sorry you have not received a response @StockTrends

Having located your ticket, I can see Shaun did reply on the 13th April requesting more details.

Note - Envato aren’t in control as to what payments will be successful or not.

I will send you an email now with the status and information we require.


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