Super fast crispy customizable Thrive Architect compatible theme?

I am looking for a very fast Word Press theme that would be compatible with Thrive Architect and most of the Word Press plugins. Here are the necessary features for the theme:

  • FAST and LIGHT :slight_smile:
  • Thrive Architect page builder compatible
  • Various colors/ highlight colors/ fonts
  • Usage of Word Press plugins (I am planning to use “Market Hero”, “Click Funnels”, “Lead Pages”)
    -SEO/ WooCommerce/ High Quality Crisp graphics and pictures
    Thanks in advance!

Polina Z.

Hello Polina,

You can have super turbo fast template but if you put such template on some crap hosting like Godaddy you will have slow site.
Invest money in some good hosting. And if you don’t have experience hire someone who have. That will save your money and time.
For templates you can see on their site

Thank you! What hosting provider would you recommend? (I was planning to use Fast Commet)

Yes, I have looked into their own themes, but unfortunately vector graphics seems to be overly pixelated… That is why I am trying to find a better match here.

Thanks again,

Polina Z

One of my client is on Fast Comet and I am make maintenance of that site and for now is good hosting.
Is there any specific reason why you want to use Thrive builder?
You can buy template and make site over shortcode or some other builder like WPBakery Page Builder.


Yes, I was planning to use the Thrive Architect after doing some research on the best page builder. And more importantly, I want to be able to construct various lead pages/ funnels with ease. Email marketing plays an important role here as well.

Choosing Thrive Architect, I was planning to meet all of the three needs I listed above.

Would you say that there’s a different way to do it? I didn’t want to overload my Wordpress website with tons of plugins, thinking that Thrive Architect would solve all of the problems fast and effectively.

(Moreover, I intended on using additional plugins such as “Market Hero”, “Click Funnels”, “Lead Pages”)

Thank you again, appreciate your time and help

Polina Z.

I don’t know any details or specification or purpose of site so I cant tell you nothing in details. I have see site with 80 plugins were is all working fine but I have see site where can be problems with 3 plugins if you have conflict between template and plugin or plugin - plugin conflict.
On plugin can crash your site or slow it down.
Plenty of that page builder have all in one that means that you are using only 20 % 30% of possibility. I don’t know why to pay that yearly.
You have plenty good templates it all depend what you want.
You can send me all details over private message or my website in my profile.

Thanks! Used your website form to detail the futures of the website.