I need a fast wordpress theme

Hi everyone. I have been using a free wordpress theme for 3 years. I struggled a lot for google ranking in my posts. But due to my low pagespeed (FCP & FID) for mobile pages, my website is ranking bad although it was in the first 3 three search results before.

Now I need a wordpress theme which has high pagespeed score. It must be compatible with woocommerce, bbpress, buddypress and shared hosting. Any theme advice for my situation? Thanks in advance.

If you do with any top selling theme here then you are likely to be ok on a theme front. Without more info it’s impossible to offer exact suggestions

That all said… “it must be compatible with woocommerce, bbpress, buddypress and shared hosting“ is not a recipe for a fast website regardless of how good the theme is.

You will need to invest in optimising content and setup, and of all of the above perhaps look at better hosting.

But when I filter the themes compatible with bbpress, buddypress and woocommerce, there are only a few results. Do you think all of the top selling themes are compatible with these plugins? What other info do I have to give ? I have been using this theme.

I wouldn’t get hung up on the native search (it’s not great).

For example, https://themeforest.net/search/buddypress%20%2B%20woocommerce = 400+ themes which should cover both BuddyPress and Woo. (top one even uses AMP) Obviously you need to check the details of anyone you like the look of.

That said, Woo appears in most big themes now and BuddyPress is fairly friendly so if you found a theme you liked then it might be worth reaching out to the author and seeing if it could work even if it’s not advertising those features

You can’t check our themes if you want, we add style design for bbpress, buddy press, woocommerce.
Now page speed depends by hosting server, also number of plugins that theme are used also many themes are not compressed so Allways is place to be better for page speed.


I use w3 total cache plugin. Your themes are compatible with it ? Can I test your themes in google pagespeed ?

While @payothemes can reply in more detail - testing any theme in Google page speed, pingdom etc. should all be taken with a pinch of sale.

The theme demos are naturally overloaded to demonstrate all the versatility and features, and definitely will not have been optimised or aligned with your specific needs.

It may give you a basic idea but it is far from a fair test in reality

Yes, are working with w3 total cahe