Partnering with Designers to Create SEO Friendly Templates

We are looking to partner with designers that can do simple but beautiful HTML templates for Sitecake CMS. We have in house SEO experts and we will fix templates to be SEO friendly. Also we will help with Sitecake integration and issues if they arise. This kind of templates are winning combination because of these factors:

Ultra Fast
Sitecake templates are HTML templates, which means ultra fast compared to dynamic WordPress templates (up to 6x faster, Putting a CDN caching service in front of the website can speed things even more (that’s how Sitecake works)

SEO Friendly
All businesses want is to be found on “the first page of Google”, they care about great design and brand image, but it does not matter at all if they are on 6th page and no one ever visits the website

Responsive in a Smart Way
We are already mobile friendly with speedy HTML websites, Google will reward it. Templates need to be responsive in a smart way, let’s say hand customized responsiveness (against automatic responsiveness of Boostrap or any other framework).

Amazingly Easy Drag and Drop editing (Sitecake specialty)
Sitecake is drag and drop editor for static (HTML and PHP) website, so this part is covered. Check out demo here

Templates should be sold on ThemeForest of course.

Let’s talk!

With respect you can’t compare a HTML template to a dynamic WP theme - especially from a speed perspective.

While this looks interesting I’m sure you know SEO is about vastly more than just optimising code (no matter how key that is).

  • What else does this do that improves SEO optimisation?

  • What happens if someone buys a template built on this and has different. Images, copy etc?

  • Is that page builder completely free of charge and no restrictions or fees on how/where sites built with it can be used?

  • Can code be exported? Is there scope for authors to advance the features and elements? soukd this not potentially also impact speed etc.?


HTML template + Sitecake CMS is comparable to WP theme. It’s the right product for clients that find WP too complicated to use (and I am sure there are some clients that do).

SEO is about many things, but one part is to properly use HTML so it’s readable to search engines. (Design will make it readable to humans). We have expertise here, it’s not mystical knowledge, but more a set of practical things, usually overlooked by designers and front end developers.

SItecake is CMS, images, copy can be replaced easily. Sitecake is designed with single page HTML templates and really simple websites in mind, a niche for which WP is overkill to use. It’s not competition to WP, it addresses the part of the market that is bellow the level of complexity of a typical WP website.

Sitecake is opensource, can be get from Github if you know how to build it. If not, we sell compiled version for $39 on our website, it’s one time fee to finance further development. Since we are makes of Sitecake we are in position to tailor deals for template customers so they get “special price” for CMS + template package.

With Sitecake website is static all the time. Sitecake is just an editor (like Dreamweaver is just online). It’s a PHP script that runs from the same folder with the website and can be removed at any time, leaving fully functional static website on the server.

In which case it cannot be sold on Themeforest. The software or platform needs to be open source

Sitecake is open source, here it is on Github