Suggestion for authors - consider logo size

Hi, this may have been mentioned before but it needs to be said again. Please keep logo size in mind when you’re designing a new template. I can’t tell you how many templates I’ve purchased that are designed for a simple logo of 60 or less pixels in height (realistically, how many business logos are that small???) and when you try to adjust heights, padding/margins and all that, the whole header, menu etc gets messed up. Its very frustrating. Maybe when designing a new template try it with a few different logo sizes and include instructions to make sure everyone can fit their logo without having to make two dozen changes to the stylesheet. Thanks!

Hello and welcome to Envato forums,

I don’t know how many authors will see this post but yes, it is a good feedback. My recommendation is to let the author of your purchased theme know about this feedback, maybe it will include some sort of feature for bigger logos in a future update.