Suggest any new app to build


hey everyone.i am individual developer.suggest any new app to build .get me new suggestions.


Hi mkspro

‘i am individual developer’ - what is your experience? as I have 1 project that is looking for ‘app develpment’ and some added bits in javascript I am looking for a partner if you may be interested


3+ experience in php,mysql,jquery,javascript,nodejs,angular,c#,video editing etc currently work on mobile app via ionic…which kind collaboration you need in project…


Hi mkspro

Right my ‘needs’ are very simple just I am not 100% certain of best way to achieve the ‘missing’ aspects. In very basic terms I need a few JS functions (pref jQuery but …) based on twitter an d facebook apps. As said very simple but their api docs are (for me) too confusing. I need a way to post and read a users feed (for both) then combine those with ANOther JSON feed. The on FB the feed could be either a page or personal feed. Admit in some situations several users may have access to the same feed and would all need to post/read but they would have permission s anyway.

No need for design - all complete just like the other aspects of the project.

The really interesting bit (for me) is that you may also be able to turn the web app into a ‘full’ app for android and iOS (I hope)

My thoughts on collaboration are simple 60/40 for the web app then 40/60 on the mobile apps


Oh forgot to mention think this could be a ‘popular’ project and should be priced ‘right’ i.e. I think about $15-$20 would love less but … not sure that more would be beneficial to sales


Sounds interesting to work with you but currently i have priority to finish current app.


OK, what are your time frames then?


two weeks minimum…


OK - check pms in morning