Suggestion for a new project idea


My name is Tahsin Alam; I have only two codecanyon products; The sells have not been that good so far; Anyways, I am looking for some suggestion on any new project idea; If you people can please suggest me with any new project idea, that would be really helpful. Thanks in advance.

It depends on what you can do :thinking:

One of the ideas I could give you is to check the trends in codecanyon, and just pick one of the projects and maybe make it better or just add new functionality.

Good luck!

This is probably not best choice.
Some categories are filled with items of the same type. This may be cause of hard reject.

Making better product doesn’t means that you need to make a copy. Just saying that having fresh look on apps that is seems outdated and make better would not get reject. Only clones and obvious copy of the item will.

Maybe you are right.
But the truly successful projects were unique in market.

Thank you for your valuable reply; I have been looking at the trendy scripts and making notes to myself; I will keep doing that then; Cheers!

That is also true, I have seen School management, hospital managements in hundreds; I want to build something that could create opportunities for other’s businesses;

Thank you for your comment; Cheers!

Totally agreed; Thanks a bunch for insightful comments; Appreciate it;