How to know if your project has any chance before killing yourself in the development/Improvement?

There are so many ways for a project to get rejected, including “a similar product has already been submitted/Your product is too basic/Your product has no market value…”, is there any way to know if your project has any chances to become part of codecanyon before you kill yourself working for nothing?

Same here, i’d like to know, Coding comes easy for me however Idea generation is really hard for me, ideas just don’t pop out at me which is why Upworks is where am at, as ideas are thrown at me.

Depends what category, really, but most categories (if not all) on CodeCanyon are the same reviewer. I’ve seen one other reviewer but he’s a rare find.

This is my experience from PHP scripts category:

Typically, a big application with a lot of features won’t get rejected, even if there’s similar items. Simple items (that would take less than a day to reproduce, for example) are a lot less likely to get accepted.

If your item solves a problem that will help many people, then getting rejected is pretty much impossible. And if you do get rejected, it isn’t the end of the world. Just add more features. Someone recently took a day to write up a password generator script :stuck_out_tongue: and it was hard rejected, but he added more features and it got approved.

Also worth nothing that a hard reject does not mean you can’t resubmit. It simply means at its current form, it’s not enough to be approved.

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I once submitted a script which was similar to one that was already in the list, it was similar but had much more features, result: it was rejected, and they said if I submitted again they would ban me for life…how friendly :slight_smile: