Guys,I think I lost all hope about my project. I need help

For the past 3 months I’ve been working on a PHP script and it is almost finished and yesterday I found that a similar PHP script had arrived on codecanyon. it has the all basic functionalities and it’s been getting a lot of sales and rating.Good for him! but I’m afraid that my script which has 10times(YES**) the functionalities, better UI and usability than it might get rejected because of the reason “The marketplace is filled with similar stuff”. I don’t know what to do now. All my hope was on my PHP script. I don’t have any money left to start my own site to sell it with marketing. What should I do now?

Buddy, first rule that I can offer you is: Don’t lose hope, ever ! Not even when you get hard rejected on some of your items. Just learn and go on with you objectives. If you think your product is solid, go with it until the end.

I had items hard rejected, and I almost lost hope… but I tried again and again and some of my items were accepted, even I wasn’t thinking that they might got accepted and have success. You just need to try and upload your item if you believe in it.

Don’t lose hope, just don’t. You are unique, and you should be proud of you.

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