My another app approved.Send me suggestion to improve it.

This is my fifth item on codecanyon.hope people like it.please tell me is it good or bad and suggest me features so that i can make it better than others and unique.
Client Manager

First of all,pay attention with the background tht you are using (Make sure all your app sttaf are original)
The second thing is : your app is great but did you think who will buy this app ? ofcaurse the companies which has large employees to manange them, So is tht company which has large emplyees they dont have just one developer? im sure they have [ i gess u understand me] , in my opinion even its great and easy to use but it will not caught numbers of buyers
Im developer and i keep away from this kind of web apps
Good luck

thanks for review or suggestion…but didn’t get you with single developer term.did you check role manager thing ?can you little specify…