Please review my product and give advice on its function

Hi everyone,

My product has just been approved for sale for a while. And it’s a pity that my products don’t sell very well. So I want to ask everyone’s opinion, should I update this product with more features to sell more? Or should I switch to a completely new product, can anyone suggest me? Everyone’s opinion is very valuable to me, thank you very much.

While the item looks ok - I just cannot see a lot of people coming to a stock marketplace for something like this given the huge volume and vast size of purpose built software and solutions which exist for this type of process and job.

There is also a question around security and no way that bigger businesses are going to use a $11 product to house potentially confidential employee info.

I’d concentrate on something different

Thank you Charlie, your review is very helpful to me.

Well done! CodeCanyon is rejecting many impressive projects, including yours.

Thank you AbdelmjidSaber, do you think my product needs any extra functionality?