Looking for javascript / jQuery Partner for project

Hi Good folks here in Project Collaboration.

I am seeking/looking for a long term Partner to collaborate on a Web based project that is virtually complete (and therefore ready to go). Note this is a collaboration NOT a fee paying situation

The Partner will have experience in javascript and jQuery plus Social Media API’s in particular Twitter and Facebook - sound knowledge required plus some knowledge in the Google API’s.

As a coder (with less experience in the Twitter and Facebook API’s I do not see the contribution as being a large volume of work no design just a few functions required - namely retrieve and post to specific timelines.

Code should be javascript / jQuery posting via Ajax and retrieving via JSON - auto syncing could be interesting but not essential.

As for partnership I would suggest a 60/40 split on revenue. Some basic research suggests the project (2 versions planned) in question should be a strong seller (1000’s not 10’s or 50’s) at a ‘sensible’ price (aim for say $12-$16) for version 1 and $30-$40 for version 2 (V2 has ore functions).

If the Partner has the ability to turn the web based version into a mobile app then … I would see this as Version 3 and 4 (or just version 3) and for this version alone would suggest a reversal of the project split - 40/60.

If interested/capable then pls. email russell@kwikbitz.online then we can set up a conference call/video call to discuss and finalise.

Please no time wasters interested parties only.

Looking forward to hearing from you