Subscription was deactivated and I can't log-in into my account


A few days ago I got an e-mail message telling me my subscription has been canceled.
It didn’t say why. I didn’t do it.
I tried to log-in to my account to figure out what happened. But I can’t log-in. I get the same error message over, and over again: “We could not sign you in. Please try again.”

I wrote a message to support, I got no answer.
What is going on, Envato?


Support team will respond as soon as they get to your ticket. They won’t leave you without explanation, just depends on ticket queue. As they don’t work over the weekend, that prolongs it a bit. I can understand how you feel and that you need clarification right away, but only they can explain what actually happened.

The date is 2025 so you still have active subscription but it’s another question why you’re unable to login to the system. Clear the browser cache/cookies and try again. If the issue continues, contact Elements support

Thank you, but I already tried that. I tried everything, including different devices and OS. I have another Envato Elements account and that one works just fine.

You should contact support for help

As stated in my initial post, I contacted support as well. It’s been 5 days since. Still no answer.

It’s a bit slow during these days ( in general as well ) please, be patient.