Subscription doubts

hi, i have a question. my boss will adquire the license but under his email, he won’t use the Envato account since he is only paying for the suscription, so i will be the only person using the assets.

1st question, would i have any kind of inconvenient using his account on a different IP address because i will be in charge of the account.

2 - i have dynamic IP Address, is that another problem?

thanks a lot

Hi @latinxtelecom,

First thing account share is not allowed. In this case you can go for the team subscription.

For elements account related query please contact Elements Support. Elements Support Team will be happy to answer your query.


hi, thanks for your reply, i think i did not explain myself correct my english ain’t the best,
i want to make clear that he is not going to use the account, he’s only paying for my suscription, because he won’t send his credit card data to me, i don’t think it’s fair and i don’t understand why he has to be a “team member” and pay extra $10/mo, since he doesn’t even know how to use facebook and of course he wont use Envato for anything, we don’t have this issue with any of our premium suscriptions, (namecheap, hostinger, InVideo, constant contact, zapier, and many more, he only pays for my suscriptions he don’t use anything)

He doesn’t have to be a team member if it’s just his name on the card you are paying with etc - the login relates to your account not the name on the paying card etc

hi charlie thanks for your time, im really confused as you can see = )

can i login on his account from my computer?

(example: he has bought namecheap, hostinger and zapier accounts among others, i never use my email/acc to log in on those platforms, i use his credentials all the time, he’s not a designer/coder, he’s just my boss, he will buy the account tomorrow but i need an answer for him, i know he will ask me why he has to pay for 2 members if im the only one using the Envato Service) this never happened to us with any other company, i read about this issue on many “pros/cos” forums across the web.

So that would not be allowed as it would be sharing access. To do that you would need team subscription.

What would be better/cheaper is to setup your OWN envato account and then sign up but use your boss’s PayPal/credit card etc

Bear in mind that by doing this ONLY you can login/use the account you create.

Basically if there is going to be an instance where more than one person is going to be sharing the same login access and using the platform to download - then you need team setup.


i think i may pay for it w/ my paypal, then he can refund that money back, thanks man

now i have another doubt, i use a VPN and they use dynamic IP address, so i would need to download assets/templates before i turn on the proxy service?