I need help about subscription

Why can’t I make a subscription for unlimited downloads?
It keeps telling me: “We’re having some problems logging you in. Please contact customer support for help.”
Who can help me

Seems like you have answered your question already :slight_smile:

I have visited the Help Center for support several times, it always shows the same thing:

  • “We’re sorry. Envato Elements is temporarily unavailable. We’re working on getting it fixed. Check our status page for more information.” -
    I can’t buy a subscription, I recently bought a theme and again I can’t install it because I don’t have a Pro subscription. Then why did I buy a theme, especially if I have everything on a subscription, which I can’t do.
    Your page is currently down for some reason. I hope they fix it soon

Were you able to submit a ticket to the support?

No, I didn’t make it.
The page https://elements.envato.com/ cannot be opened at all.
I believe when it is active then I will be able to go ahead and buy a subscription

Try this link

Let us know if you reached the support. If not then we will call out some Dark Knights of the forum (Staff).

I will try all, nothing.
I just want to pay a normal subscription and use Envato Element. I already bought one particular theme, but it doesn’t work either, it asks for a subscription to install it.
If you can help I would appreciate it. I can’t even go to their site to make a subscription there

I’m in Iceland, I don’t think it’s a problem

Unfortunately it’s weekend → They will come back to work monday Melbourne time… BUT:

Good news is Monday will start 11 hours earlier than in Iceland (Iceland is 11 hours behind Melbourne). Actually they will come back to work about 9pm Sunday Iceland Time → which means they will be back in less than 24 hours since this post was written. :slight_smile:

Take a good tea or coffee, watch some movie, relax and the problem will be solved faster than You think.

@BenLeong @KingDog - Customer needs help (issues explained above in posts)

@Darko1968 they will take care about this as soon as they enter the forum (Monday morning at the latest / Melbourne time).

Technical Team will take very close look at this - I’m more than sure. Your country is not a problem ( here you can see restricted countries: https://help.elements.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000629026-What-Countries-Can-I-Not-Use-Envato-From- ) - I think this is some technical issue somewhere.

A little patience Darko :slight_smile: thanks.

Thanks for the answer, now I am much calmer and more satisfied. It’s time for a weekend movie and coffee in silence.
Thanks Melbourne

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Please help me i have the same issue i bought a subscription for the first time and next morning when i opened the Envato Elements website it shows this

We’re sorry.

Envato Elements is temporarily unavailable. We’re working on getting it fixed.

My country is Pakistan
My User Name: Sunny Khokhar
Email: [link removed]

Its been 4 days now if any one could help me it will be appriciated

I suggest you to visit this page:

And make the ticket to the support using links below. Direct link to create the ticket is here:

Yes Thanks PeakStar
but i did that 3 times but its been 3 days now there is no solution sent by them

I have the same problem, I gave up on them.
I switched to MonsterOne templates.
Sorry Envato, in all Iceland I can not use Envato Elements and subscription for this

pon, 21. stu 2022. u 10:17 adanmichael227 via Envato Forums <notifications@envato.discoursemail.com> napisao je:

Means my money on 1 year subscription is wasted? please tell some solution to recover please!

I don’t know, I don’t work at Envato.
I bought one tempalate, but I can’t use it.
I have no idea what is going on with them, they should give us back the money or at least allow us to work.

Dana ponedjeljak, 21. studenoga 2022. adanmichael227 via Envato Forums <notifications@envato.discoursemail.com> piše: