Submitt project and Lost my source

Hi videohiver. I have a project in queue for review. But i had a disk failure so i lost the source of the project. I 'am asking if the project is soft rejected and need improvment , can i get back my file back from envato to modify it ??? i spent 3 weeks for the project and iam so nervous about rejection … anyone had a similar case ??
Thank you

If your submission gets soft-rejected, then you can download your source files using this link:<your_username>/download_own_source_files/<item_id_number>

Alternatively you can reach out to Envato support and they should be able to send your files.


Thank you Osama :slight_smile: you relax me. Greetings

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But how he will be know what the <item_id_number> if this item will be rejected?
And as I understand, rejected items don’t have item number

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Yes, this only works for soft-rejected items.