Submited on videohive 10 days already

Good day. I uploaded after effects template “Sport opener” to videohive after effects template about 10 days ago. I still have not received a response to the mail about whether the template is accepted. My login is klokpic.

As far as I know, an item can’t be skipped in the review process. Does it still appear in your Dashboard as being queued for review? If so, the best you can do is wait, it will be reviewed as soon as possible.

I don’t see anything in my dashboard in videohive, but I also haven’t received a response to the mail still.

Strange. So nothing in this area here?

If not, then maybe the email ended up in your spam?

When you’re sure that your item is no longer queued for review and you haven’t received any notification on it’s outcome, you can contact support and they’ll be able to look into it for you.

There is nothing in this area. I checked spam folder. There is no letters from envato.
Could you tell me how to write support? I couldn’t find their email address or form to contact them.

Hello @klokpic

If you didn’t receive any email, you might not have the Item Review Notification box checked. You can do that by going to Settings → Email Settings and thick the Review Notification Box.

If this box wasn’t selected and you cannot see your item in the dashboard or in the Hidden Items tab, then it is most likely your item got hard rejected.

Please make sure you enable the option to receive e-mails for future submissions and double check your inbox and the Spam folder if the Item Review Notification box was enabled.

You can also contact Envato Authors Help and Support if none of the solutions mentioned above applies to you.