My template has approved and I have received email about it. But it's not visible on my profile

Hi Everyone,

I received an email about 36 hours ago that my template kit had been approved. But unfortunately, that template is not visible on my portfolio yet.

Anyone can help?

Thanks in advance

Is there any item on your profile at the “Hidden” section?


You should contact Envato Author Support. They are the right team to check it for you.

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I already did but no response.

keep patience, they will reply as quickly they can.

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I do not check forums often but just want to be sure this has been resolved for you?

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(post deleted by author)

Unfortunately not. I contacted support and they said the Item has been hard rejected. I asked for the reasons and still, I didn’t receive the reasons.

Just click the “approved item link” that you received in the email and check “history” part for the details. Most likely the first approval was a mistake then follow-up the second one with correction.