Stop ADP

After discussing & trying to fix thousands of issues/complexity that started after ADP, I believe now it’s time to #STOPADP for the sake of everyone’s good.

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I for one really like ADP, I like being able to set the price that I think my item is worth and also be able to create promotions. Being an author on CodeCanyon I don’t really care what others price their items as CodeCanyon items are usually different and you go for the one you need, not for any cheapest item. Again, I only speak from the perspective of an author on CodeCanyon; I think ThemeForest is different as for most items the buyers have several similar ones to chose from and they usually go for the cheapest one.

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ADP never bad for everyone, but it’s really too bad for most people, clients & authors. :slight_smile:

I agree !!! STOP ADP!!

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