Stock Footage time Review

Dear friends,

My oldest items have been waiting 16 days. I wonder if anyone is going through the same.

I post new videos almost every day and for over 11 days I don’t have any approved items.

The last update on the Item Review Statues page was 9 days last Monday. But now this information is no longer available for stock footage.

Is it just me that this is happening or are we going back to the past when we were waiting months and months.

Best regards,

yes, the some for me 16 days.
in this link today says 10 days

It will be in 17 days.
I don’t understand what’s going on. Lately the revision time has been very short and now it is increasing.
For me it is very harmful because also seeing in the elements. And the more videos I have assets the more chances I have to make money.