Review time for stock footages

Hello, I have started uploading videos 6 month ago and after 3 month(thanks god :smiley: ) some videos has approved, some not. Now I have uploaded again more videos and waiting again. Why stock footages needs so many times for review? It’s kills my enthusiasm

Hello @Motionavigations

You can check review time here:

It may take some day more or less because of new item traffic or Weekends

Thanks :slight_smile:

It’s need not only “some day”, it’s needs 68 days :grin: That what i have mentioned in first message :smirk:

BTW I have submited my videos 17 days ago and still on review :zipper_mouth_face:

Hello @Motionavigations

Then you check status of your item from your Dashboard page. If not item there then it may you
missed their email of soft or hard rejection

If you can’t find item on dashboard or email you can Please open a Help ticket They will be happy to help.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for replay. I know about dashboard, I am not new member. I have registred here since 2015 but started uploads only 6 month ago. So, my question was that why stockfootages need such a long time for review? P.s my videos is still review in dashboard :roll_eyes:

Hello @Motionavigations

Yes i think it is too much time you can open ticket for quick help

thanks :slight_smile:

Already done, Thanks for message :blush:

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