Queued for Review 5+ months

Ok. I wait 5+ months for videos on stock footage and still i`m in “Queued for Review”. This envato address http://quality.market.envato.com/videohive tells that for stock footave i must wait 111 days… for a review. Despite the thing that 111 days are way to long i still waiting for over 150 days.

Over five months is crazy long, don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t say that you have to wait 111 days. It says that 111 days is ‘indicative only, based on the average wait time for each site over the last 7 days’. The people who got reviewed this week took 111 days, you’re obviously at 150+ days, but that doesn’t mean the number is inaccurate… because the number is generated using data from items that have been reviewed, not items that haven’t*.

_*Nobody has confirmed that to me, but it would make sense. If they included items that haven’t been reviewed (and just go on how many days they have been waiting) then the numbers would be way out, as a the calculation would include items that have been waiting one day, two days, three days etc etc.

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