Sticky header in Shopkeeper theme

I’ve been using the Shopkeeper-theme since a couple of months now, and it’s been working fine. Today though, I wanted to enable the Sticky header and keep the header static so to say. So I click on Costumize, but I realize that I can not change anything that way. The “Save”-button is like already pushed, if you see what I mean.

Can anybody help me? Is this just a temporary bug? Just a while ago it seems it was working fine, cause I could paste in new social media links for instance, but now it seems that I can not costumize anything that way.

Please let me know if anyone out there can help me out.


Hello and welcome to Envato Forums!

If you have problems with your purchased item, I strongly recommend you to contact the author for bugfix support. In this case to reach the author of Shopkeeper theme please access this url.

Have an wonderful day!

Thanx, you too !