DrivePro Theme

Hi I bought the DrivePro Theme 2 days ago. according to the theme’s documentation one can make the Header sticky but I don’t see that porssibility in the header section in Customizer.
I cannot reach the support since that isn’t a secure website


Contact with your purchase item author @WPmines right here as a comments

hope they will helped!

Hi, how do I do that? Contact the theme author?

click on my posted link

You mean @WPmines? when I click on that I come to a page but I don’t see a contact form or something like that

You can write comments the they will reply to you.
Or Click Here

The documentation says that you can make the header sticky but I don’t see that possibility in the customizer

you can check theme options => header settings. may be there you will get settings option for sticky header. please make sure you are uptodate with the latest version theme. Thanks

I did that. And it looks like this:

  I just bought the theme 2 days ago so I assume it has to be the

latest version? It is version 1.2.1

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Tessa Gaakeer


In this case you have to ask it to theme author.

How to contact an author: