State of the Union: ThemeForest review queues.

Hi @matthewcoxy,

Regarding bad news, it would be great if we can get an answer to the following question: WHY NEW AUTHORS ARE WAITING LESS WHEN UPLOADING THEIR FIRST THEME? From what I read on forums they are treated like power elite authors.

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You are wrong.

It must be a balance between the buyers and the reviewers.

They don’t care about authors, they care about customers … so if they have enough themes for the market why should they care about us ?

I applied for reviwer and they didn’t even bother to tell me what the problem is.

It was just a simple html page with few lines of javascript, nothing fancy. I answered but I don’t think they evalutead my test.

If I were to fail the tests on php maybe I would believe for a second that I’m not good enough … but for what the test was… I don’t think they are hiring anyone …

So my advice is to stop putting question that will never got a solution, answer you will get, plenty!!!

Start working, and in few months/years you will results

@matthewcoxy Please clarify why are you ignoring the concerns about Elite authors being de-prioritized while non-elites getting relatively higher priority? Here’s the previous post with proof: State of the Union: ThemeForest review queues.

And some more recent ones from today:


Can you please disable/remove its totally unrealistic, not just for WP but for all categories so its doing nothing but adding to the overall annoyance levels of your Authors


Hey guys,

With your permission I’d love to share a quick story that I hope is an encouragement to those who find themselves waiting.

Back in 2013 we were creating X, and I remember the day of submission well. Everyone was excited. Virtual high fives were flying across the wires. It was a fun time.

Then we got rejected. And rejected again. And rejected again. I was so frustrated after that first rejection that I even wrote out a letter to send to Collis. I tried to incapsulate how incredibly frustrating and demoralizing and maddening it was to work on something for so long and to have it rejected so fast and for reasons I didn’t agree with. I never sent that letter, but I’ve saved it and every once in a while I go back and re-read it.

It’s tough to wait. Many of you have financial responsibilities, families, a mortgage. It’s serious stuff. In the end, we had to wait several months to get a product out that we were sure was going to be approved within a couple days of our first submission. Even then, there was no guarantee of success but I remember well how stressful and frustrating that season was and how the wait only made it worse (or so I thought at the time - as I look back I see a lot of growth in my life through that season of waiting). We had a very small team at the time and had been in development for nearly a year on a product with no return on the time and money invested so every day mattered.

I wanted to share this with you for a few reasons. 1) If you are in business for yourself you know there will always be circumstances outside of your control. Coming to grips with that reality typically involves some combination of blood, sweat, and tears. I know it’s not easy, but I encourage you to persevere. While perseverance is not nearly as easy as all those inspirational quotes make it out to be, it is a hallmark of businesses that survive. 2) Stay passionate. Share your perspective in a constructive manner and do what you can to be part of the solution. One thing I’ve found (and experienced at Themeco when customers do this with us) is that private, personal messages are almost always more effective. Trying to have a discussion in a forum where many people have many opinions about many nuanced topics can be challenging. Try contacting the person in charge of that particular area privately and be prepared to know it may take some time to get a resolution and it may ultimately not go your way. That doesn’t mean you should stop championing your position, just remember there are many realities and constraints each company must consider with regards to the decisions they make, and then you can decide accordingly what is best for your business. 3) If the wait is causing extended financial challenges, look for opportunities to fill in the gap while you wait. Take on more freelancing projects, try selling the product on your own, look for strategic partnerships with others in the industry that have complementary skill sets or customer bases. It’s not easy, but you’d be surprised at what you can achieve when you just start taking action. Then when the wait is over, you may have multiple good options before you about what to do next. That’s what we did with X. We started pursuing selling it on our own after the numerous rejections, and when it was finally approved, we had many key relationships with others in the industry that were developed during that season of waiting…relationships I’m positive we wouldn’t have had had we not faced that unexpected hurdle.

The pain is real. The wait is hard. In no way do I want to minimize that…but I hope in some small way this may be an encouragement to you while you wait.

To Envato, I know you all desire to create a healthy marketplace for as many authors and buyers as possible. Thank you for the work that has gone into building and refining this platform. It has made a huge difference in many people’s lives, my own included.

To fellow authors, If there’s ever anything I can do to help or encourage you on your own business journey, message me anytime. This is a special community, and I’m privileged to be a part of it.

All my best,


Thanks, Kyle. It was worth reading. :slight_smile:

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Just submitted a theme after a year without new items :slight_smile:
Let’s see how long it will take before I get a review.

Hi ya Kyle, are you serious that we can sell it on our own while we are waiting for approval on a theme that is submitted for review? I have a few clients for our already published PSD/HTML items waiting for WP release, who are saying “I’m really getting impatient with Themeforest. Is there way that I can purchase the theme directly from you? Or do you have timeframe from when it will be on theme forest?”.

My reply to all similar requests has been that we can NOT sell it directly while we wait for theme forests approvals. Can you please clarify/confirm, it will be really helpful.

Many thanks in advance.

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As far as I know, only when the item is available for sale on Themeforest it goes under the exclusivity agreement.

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I’d agree with @WPCanyon. My understanding would be that would be permissible as the theme is not technically for sale yet on the marketplaces. Once it was approved however, you would need to stop selling it outside of ThemeForest (if you are exclusive). I’d suggest reaching out to Matthew for an official answer, but this would seem like a reasonable option.

Thank you Kyle - much appreciated.

@matthewcoxy - Hello Matthew, can you please confirm weather we are able to sell the theme’s WP version directly if the themes PSD/HTML is published on Themeforest and we are awaiting approval of Wordpress version on TF. This is only for a handful of customers who has shown impatience and in some cases already bought HTML? Ofcourse if this was allowed, it will help us further enhance our item while we wait, and indeed, we will stop direct sales as soon as the WP is released on Themeforest. Either way, thank you in advance.

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It seems that there’s even a delay for support tickets too…


And here is a comment from one of the item you listed which got approved in 20 days

EDIT: Another amazing thing with that item is it already got three 5 star ratings in only 5 sales :wink:


Hey @Waituk,

Yes, I can confirm that the only point at which exclusivity actually applies is when the item is actually approved for sale and on Envato Market. If you or anyone else wishes to sell their items whilst their still in the queue, your more than welcome to do so and it will not violate your exclusivity agreement with Envato.

Some natural rules also go with this. When the item is ultimately approved for sale, you can’t continue to sell the item off of Envato Market. Also, they customer can’t refund their item through Envato or apply for support through envato. The arrangement is exclusively between you and the buyer.

Hope that answers your question :slight_smile:

Hey @matthewcoxy

A lot of authors are saying that new authors are getting bumped up the queue and are only waiting 20-30 days compared to elite authors that are waiting 70-90 days. Can you let us know what is going on with this? :slight_smile:

Hey @MoonBear,

I’ve just been looking into this now actually! To the extent of my understanding this isn’t actually the case currently. There was a bump in the road when we were doing some work on the infrastructure a while back which caused this problem. I suspect any major cases of this could be linked to this event, but that issue has since been fixed.

@ThemeSphere gave some examples above… [quote=“ThemeSphere, post:300, topic:47026, full:true”]
@matthewcoxy Please clarify why are you ignoring the concerns about Elite authors being de-prioritized while non-elites getting relatively higher priority? Here’s the previous post with proof: State of the Union: ThemeForest review queues.

And some more recent ones from today:

I’ve had the team look into this. The first link provided wasn’t a new author and was still after 45+ days. The second link was a new author but took 51 days (including resubmissions). I suspect most of the ones that people are talking about were from when the queue prioritisation was changed for a week and then reverted. Bare in mind, if an item has been rejected, then re-submitted it moves through the queue at a faster rate.

I am going to keep looking into this to confirm, however.

Also, the prioritisation only applies to 1M+ Elite authors.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Hey @matthewcoxy

Thanks for the update on that :slight_smile:

Will it be possible for you to weigh the pros and cons of also adding elite authors to the prioritisation ?

Matt says that an item took 51 days with ressubmissions as this is a long time…we got our first review after 68 days and had 2 soft of 3 days each, so 51 days seems like a really short time right now.

Thanks Kyle for the post. But respectfully your point of views is skewed as the current problem does not affect you and your history with X starting also are not the same, rejected first item and waiting for first response is a different story altogether.

New authors know what awaits them old authors that built there business model and rely on review times that were before are faced with horrible times which is not there fault. And selling before it comes online well… really?
One question if you started selling well on your own why then move on TF?

Sorry to be a bit harsh but this post is pure attempt on sugar coated motivation without specific actions that can be backed by evidence or examples. X is not an example.

Our move was to go to update frenzy, we started to evaluate the old products which we will remove and which redesign/update. But again we had luck for now that the new theme that got online in the last moment started selling semi ok. Before that we had to take a loan and invest more to survive.

Once you rely on a system and have employees and certain cash flow goes by by, even if you mange to pivot it takes time in that time you need to either tap into reserves, if you have them, or loan money that’s the harsh truth.

But i salute your attempt.