Squarespace Themes


I’m wondering if we will see Squarespace templates some day in Themeforest. I know that Wordpress is the bomb right now but Squarespace offers a clean, minimal & well designed interface and some awesome features that make it a potential platform to create templates for.

The current TDK is a beta version but seems to be pretty interesting: http://developers.squarespace.com

What do you think?


Their existing themes are already amazing. In terms of usability, I’m not the biggest fan of SquareSpace. But templates? Hands down top-notch. Maybe not all of them, but a couple of them definitely stands out. Wix and other services don’t even come close.

Seeing SquareSpace themes here would be awesome, but I doubt there would be enough market demand in the near future.






Their themes are excellent indeed.
But I think there’s room for more themes as there are only a handful of them in there at the moment.




I would love to collab on squarespace themes, because my design fits their minimalist style more than themeforest’s “all you can cram into a theme” style (^_^).

However, I think the problem is not all Squarespace users can install a theme. If you’re on the standard plan, you can just tweak some CSS and you don’t have access to the designer platform.

Still, super interesting, and there’s definitely room for Squarespace themes since there are only a handful available right now.