Sporting League Manager for WordPress

Is there nothing to handle an online championship?

I’m looking for a system that, for every registered user, creates a player profile, and can join a team or create one.

The system can generate the calendar (fixtures), the results (a form where team or site managers can enter the results) and automatically update the player’s statistics (goals, assist, warnings, expulsions, injuries)

can you help me? Someone who wants to create it for me? please contact me.

thank you.

What platform do you need it for? e.g. WordPress etc? Like this

Custom building something like this would require sizeable budgets but sure you can find someone on who could do it

i need a software similary enjore :

it’s strange that no one has created a functioning system to handle a soccer championship.


Hi, there is sportpress
You could use it with our sport theme:

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